My interest in tourism began the year before starting my studies in biology at the University in 1994. That summer, I worked as a waiter in an emblematic hotel in Seville, and from that day forward I have never left the tourism industry. I was very impressed by the meaning of the vocation, the organization in the work, the respect for the guest and colleagues, the role, the education of the managers and the strategy of the directive group.
My passion for tourism continued, how it connects towns, societies, cultures, micro and macro economies around the world. My main objective is very clear, living day by day with the same passion as when I started. Obviously, I finally studied tourism and the next four years after finishing my studies were an intensive work activity. When I was 24 years old I was managing a tourist center, this was a great challenge which tested me and made me feel more determined and continued to remind me why I love this industry so much.
After working as a manager in different hotels around Spain, I trained to be a consultant. I got the chance to work for the most innovative companies at an international level, sharing ideas with important managers, finances and ideas which has allowed me to develop myself professionally at a high level.

IBERALTA, like me, has expanded itself in an airport, surrounded by projects, its soul has been converted into a positive results account and the inspiration has been found, as always, in the lobby and kitchens of the hotels which IBERALTA has worked for.
Numerous hours spent flying, many places visited and amazing colleagues have marked this company. In IBERALTA, we have always been surrounded by a positive environment, though critical we strive for perfection, at the time we have to dedicate our efforts in client projects from around the world.
We will never get the international stamp because that would make us lose the personal touch through our clients as unique and unrepeatable.
Compromise, vocation, independence and objectivity are the attitudes that mark every day at IBERALTA consulting. More than 2.000 projects have been analyzed in 10 years, which is our main letter of presentation.

Our honesty, experience and objectivity is our stamp of security and our guarantee and I hope that one day IBERALTA, can be a part of your company, your projects and your success.

Jorge Fortes, CEO IBERALTA


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