The ethical code is integrated in our company structure and we use it to progress as people just like a team, contributing stability and happiness to them and to our clients, as in to contribute value to the society.

We are highly convinced that the ethical code improve our productivity in short, medium and long term cases, just like the quality of life and sustainability in the companies. The ethical code definitely improves our society.
Ethic – Transparency – Compromise – Confidentiality-
Free Competition – Qualification – Value creation – Innovation
Quality management – Responsible professionalism.


IBERALTA establish a belief in standards of quality and helping the environment under the objective of carrying out the necessary activities. Therefore this assists the mission with the maximum exactitude, working in a responsible way and offering clarity. This guarantees the maximum efficiency and effectiveness in all our services in order to get the best results and satisfy the needs of our clients

This compromise shows our Book of Quality Politicians and environment, which reflects the principles applicable to the company in the fields of economy, society and the environment.


In the setting of the actions undertaken by IBERALTA, in the field of Social Corporative Responsibility, we collaborate with several ONG’s with the main purpose of inspiring and improving the socioeconomic system of the communities that are more disadvantaged. This contributes to the creation of a more responsible society.
In this sense we strive to guarantee that all the people can exercise their rights to request shelter and safety, tending to children and young people that are found in a situation of vulnerability, as in claiming the compliance of health, education and protection rights across the world.
IBERALTA collaborates actively with:


IBERALTA shares the objective of the UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL COMPACT for an ethic management based on the 10 principles that guide our collective behavior as a company.
The UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL COMPACT promotes 10 principles universally accepted in the areas of:
Human rights
Labor policy
Fight against corruption

We have joined the Global Compact as signers because we believe in the value of an organization that makes the diffusion of the Social Responsibility possible in the business and institutional environment.

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